How to Scale an RFID Project from Pilot to Production

Ready to make the commitment to turn the cost of an EPC (Electronic Product Code) retail compliance mandate into a supply chain enhancing investment? Good choice. Doing so will boost your bottom line, here’s how to ensure success as you roll out an RFID project from the pilot stage to full production.

Whether you tag merchandise in your DC at a VAS (Value Add Station), or you have your products tagged at source, all successful RFID implementations turn the cost of an EPC mandate into benefits for your organization and share a number of key characteristics.

How to Start Using RFID in Your Supply Chain

(Originally recorded on 4/23/2016) We go into specific detail on how to start with basic testing & analysis and go all the way to production. If you’re interested in implementing RFID into your business’ supply chain, but don’t know how or where to start, this webinar is perfect for you.

In our last webinar, we discussed the advantages RFID can give your business operations and supply chain. We received several questions after the webinar. And, the most common inquiry was simply, “how do I get started”. So for this webinar, we show you how to successfully take an RFID pilot program all the way to successful production. For more details, read the companion article highlighting how the details of getting started with an RFID pilot program.


Sheldon is CYBRA’s Chief Solutions Architect. He is an expert in the creative application of Auto ID technology. In April 2004, Mr. Reich was selected by IBM to help design an IBM Solutions Builder Express Portfolio Infrastructure Solution, “Enabling RFID”.


Michael J. Shabet is an industry innovator in Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing driven solutions for RFID; inventory; track and trace; pick, pack and ship; in-plant printing; and print and apply automation. Mr. Shabet drives the RFID item level apparel sales group, delivering ground-breaking advances to the RFID apparel marketplace.