RFID: The Secret to Omnichannel Retail Success

Omnichannel is transforming retailing by allowing shoppers to order a product online or with a mobile device and arrange for quick delivery or pick up at a nearby store. A successful Omnichannel strategy is impossible without the use of RFID. Only RFID can give you the high inventory accuracy needed to have the confidence to fulfill orders at the store level.

Join members of CYBRA’s RFID team for an in-depth 45-minute webcast that will show you how you can join leading retailers and Retail Brand Owners and use CYBRA’s EdgeMagic RFID Software to improve inventory accuracy and roll out a successful Omnichannel retail strategy.


RFID technology is taking off in the retail industry. In just the past few years RFID has been adopted by some of the biggest retailers in the world. Why? In order to fulfill the mult-channel retail demands of today’s consumers. Retailers are using RFID to improve online shopping experiences, while making brick and mortar operations run more efficiently.

Brand owners can benefit tremendously from RFID, as well. Common initial questions brand owners ask are, how much do RFID tags cost? How fast is the ROI? How and where exactly do RFID tags get added into a supply chain? We will answer these questions and show how retailers and brand owners can benefit from RFID technology.

Sheldon Reich (Chief Solutions Architect)
Contact: SReich@CYBRA.com

Mike Shabet (VP Sales & Marketing)
Contact: MShabet@CYBRA.com