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The Leader in Auto-ID Software Since 1985.

Company Information


Founded in 1985, CYBRA has had a focus on auto identification technology and software for over 30 years. CYBRA’s flagship auto-ID software was first released in 1990. CYBRA became a public company in 2006.

Today, CYBRA works with over 2,700 companies worldwide. We serve a wide range of industries including apparel, consumer goods, retail, and more. CYBRA solutions are perfect for supply chain and inventory management challenges.

CYBRA leverages its software applications and technology with many major software and hardware companies. Software partners include Oracle, Manhattan Associates, Infor, and more.

Of Major Apparel Companies

Of the top 50 apparel companies in the world, 21 of them use CYBRA software.

Of Major Apparel Companies

Of the top 10 apparel companies in the world, 8 of them use CYBRA software.

How Many Customers?

CYBRA has a vast array of customers who rely on its world class software daily to run their operations.


Happy Customers?

A recent Dun & Bradstreet survey of customer satisfaction revealed some pleasant results… 95%!

Recognize any of these brands? They’re all CYBRA customers.

Customers Feedback

“We closely examined many of the major players, interviewing them and viewing demonstrations of their solutions. We selected CYBRA for its speed, accuracy and performance.

’Speed’ meant two things: CYBRA could bring together an end-to-end solution in the timeframe we required – in weeks instead of months; and they could print EPC RFID tags quicker than anyone else”

— Director, Order Fulfillment/EDI, Warehouse Management & Operations, Maidenform

“MarkMagic offered a total solution for Charmant’s needs for both labels and forms. Additionally, CYBRA Corporation offered everything necessary for the solution such as printers, scanners, ribbons, labels, etc.

CYBRA’s expertise in barcoding was without question another benefit for Charmant. MarkMagic for the System i gives us confidence that we can deal with any problem that might come up. It is a great product.”

— Manager of IT, Charmant, USA

“The care labels in our garments need to be accurate and to match the information in our style master. Another objective of our care label printing project was to reduce the manual entry and duplicate entry required at our plant.

So, we created a care label printing program on our AS/400 and integrated it with our ERP package. Integrating ERP, MarkMagic and the Paxar Snap 500 on our AS/400 has proven to be an accurate and efficient way to produce labels.”

— Vice President/IS, Wacoal America, Inc.


The World’s leading Independent Application Software Vendors rely on CYBRA’s Auto-ID Software Suite for all their RFID and bar coding needs. If you are an Independent Application Software Vendor, here is all you need to know why it pays to make CYBRA’s Auto-ID Software an integral component of your application offerings.

Take Advantage of CYBRA’s Capabilities

In almost no time you can improve your product’s competitive features and benefits with leading RFID, barcode, and forms capabilities. You will improve your competitive advantage by offering your customers a full suite of Auto-ID
solutions that support virtually any hardware or supplies; RFID readers, antennas, RFID tags, and barcode label or forms printer.

With over 30 years of auto-ID software development, CYBRA’s software is a proven product that will work wonders for your customers. Making your programmers hardcode your own software and printing formats can become tedious and unprofitable. Let CYBRA relieve you and your programmers of the burden of developing this software. Rely on CYBRA’s experience and expertise, so you can focus on your software!

CYBRA Application Software Vendors

Make Money

You can generate additional sources of revenue through sales of CYBRA’s Auto-ID solutions to future customers as well as to your current installed base. They will realize significant cost savings over their current methods and your customers will want the enhanced functionality provided by CYBRA’s Auto-ID software. These net savings will give your customers compelling reasons to upgrade.

Save Money

You’ll greatly reduce, or eliminate, your staff costs for ongoing source code maintenance and customer support for producing RFID tags, barcode labels, and forms. Your staff will no longer need to learn, and maintain, competence on complex printer and RFID device command languages. An administrative person (instead of a programmer) can quickly create new formats, change existing formats and create and maintain rules for RFID processing.

All CYBRA’s products were engineered from the ground up to integrate quickly and easily on to application software vendor packages and processes. Our standardized APIs enable support in hours instead of waiting months or years for the next product cycle.

Get a competitive advantage giving your customers more functionality. With CYBRA, you can support virtually all barcode & RFID devices and computing platforms. Get rapid entry into the RFID space with proven stable solutions from CYBRA. Generate more revenue by offering more in your software.

Improve your revenue capabilities. With CYBRA’s software solutions, you can target new prospects, and expand your customer base. Give your customers a larger catalog of products by selling CYBRA’s popular add-on options and product upgrades.

CYBRA’s software can integrate seamlessly into your software package so well, your customer won’t even know they are using CYBRA software. And, your programmers won’t have to do any programming to make it work with your software. Simply offer it to your customers as an additional option.

React quickly without investing your precious resources (cost avoidance) to obtain domain knowledge, system design, software development, testing, packaging, or on-going maintenance and support. You can lean on CYBRA’s decades of scar tissue!

Stop turning away business just because your current offering doesn’t support a customer’s request. With CYBRA, you can make customers happy now, make money now, be seen as a market and technology leader now. Get even more business with your new competitive capabilities.

Retail Information

There’s nothing more important to a retail operation than their inventory.
So, why use dated technology to track and protect your customers’ goods & products?

To compete successfully in today’s fast-paced retail landscape, your customers need to achieve the highest degree of inventory accuracy. To maximize profits your customers must slash out of stock, cut shrinkage and reduce time spent on cycle counts and receiving.

CYBRA’s leading edge auto-ID technology gives enhanced visibility at inventory without the cost of labor. CYBRA’s solutions can be used to reduce theft, improve inventory accuracy, and increase revenue.

See what CYBRA’s software can do.

RFID By the Numbers

(data from GS1 US Standards Usage Survey & Auburn University RFID Lab Studies)

By Using RFID in a Retail Operation…

  • Raise Inventory Accuracy From an Average of 63% to 95% 95%
  • Increase Item Availability to Boost Sales From 2% to 20% 20%
  • Improve Inventory Labor Productivity By 96% 96%
  • Cut Out of Stock at Retail By Up to 50% 50%

Benefits of Using Auto-ID Software With Retail


Lower Info Receiving Time

With CYBRA, your clients can lower receiving time up to 90% so associates can spend more time on the selling floor, while increasing product visibility.

Decrease Out of Stock at Retail Level

Reduce out of stock items by getting faster inventory updates. No more lost sales due to hot items not on the sales floor. CYBRA can help improve out-of-stock retail issues by up to 50%.


Make Better Forms

Do your clients sell goods online? Use MarkMagic to fulfill orders and print out receipts with everything needed on them. Add coupons, return information and more!

Avoid Shipping Mistakes

Shipping mistakes happen, but their costs can add up. Make shipping labor more efficient by tracking goods at the item level. It’s easy with CYBRA’s RFID software.

Get More Accurate Data

Increase inventory accuracy potentially greater than 99%. No more safety levels. No more fudge factor. No more guessing. Just fast, accurate information.

Increase Inventory Labor Productivity

Inventory is time consuming for employees. Eliminate barcode scanning of each received garment and gain the ability to locate single garments quickly by combining RFID tags with CYBRA middleware.

Omnichannel Information

Today more than ever, consumers are using a multi-channel approach to shopping. More people than ever are buying items online, yet in store pick up has increased as well. To meet the multi-channel demands of consumers, your customers need a solution that can work on every retail level.

Improve your customers’ productivity from the factory to the selling floor with CYBRA’s retail applications. How? By increasing inventory accuracy, inventory visibility, out-of-stock issues, and more. With CYBRA, you can offer your customers a more complete solution to solving retail problems.

See what CYBRA’s software can do.

Omnichannel By the Numbers

  • 80% of customers research online before stepping into a store. 80%
  • 20% of customers who order online for in store pickup leave stores empty handed. 20%
  • 80% of these customers shop at competitor stores for items. 80%
  • A typical retailer’s inventory is only 65% to 70% accurate 70%

Benefits of Using Auto-ID Software With Retail

Improve Inventory Visibility

Your clients need to know where their products are, and their inventory numbers. And, they need it quickly. Give all that to them with CYBRA’s technology applications. CYBRA can retrieve their big data, and present it in a dashboard interface.

Seamless Online to Store Integration

If it’s on your custoemrs’ e-ccomerce website, it needs to be available to pick up at the nearest store. Let your customer make sure its inventory information is accurate so they can deliver their products to their customers, and reduce out of stock issues.

Make Inventory Easier

Inventory is time consuming for employees. Eliminate barcode scanning of each received garment and gain the ability to locate single garments quickly by combining RFID tags with CYBRA middleware. Even bulk scan, encode, and deactivate tags in seconds.

Our Software



EdgeMagic® is designed to manage edge devices, commission, write, read, & verify RFID tags. EdgeMagic is a browser based application accessible from anywhere, so your clients always have access to inventory information.

EdgeMagic lets your clients get a closer look at big data, without having to do hours of inventory. The power of RFID ensures that data is accurate, and CYBRA makes sure that the data from those RFID tags make sense.



Award-winning MarkMagic is the Barcode Label, RFID Tag, Forms, and Report Writing solution that’s fast, versatile and powerful. And with all that power, it’s still amazingly easy to learn and use.

Need to print barcode compliance labels, plain paper laser forms or RFID smart labels? Here’s how to make quick work of it! MarkMagic integrates easily with any system.

What EdgeMagic Can Do

What MarkMagic Can Do

Real Time Data

EdgeMagic encodes and reads RFID tags and barcodes levels and updates system database files. EdgeMagic transforms your big data from complex figures to important statistics that your customers can view data in real time for accurate information and decision making.

View on Any Platform From Anywhere

Since EdgeMagic is a browser based web application, that means your customer can access its vital tracking information anywhere and on any device without interruption. EdgeMagic’s data interface can even be accessed via the cloud.

An Interface That Makes Sense

EdgeMagic includes a business logic interface to filter what information the ERP and WMS applications need from the raw stream of RFID reads. This makes deciphering information from your customers’ data easier than ever before.

Improve Shipping & Receiving

Validate inbound cartons, decrease outbound shipping times, while increasing your clients’ receiving. And, encode packages with information in bulk, or deactivate tags – all with one application. EdgeMagic gives complete control over your customer’s inventory.

Full Integration

EdgeMagic runs on major computing platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, IBM Systems i/OS and AIX. So, no matter what modern operating system your customer’s business relies on, they can rely on EdgeMagic. They can even use any RFID reader or antenna. EdgeMagic works with a wide variety of RFID products seamlessly.


Find Things Faster

With EdgeMagic, your clients can search for commisioned EPC tags for any GTIN (Global Trade Item Number). Each unique carton or item tag generated can be easily found and its status determined.


Design Any Form or Label

Use CYBRA’s WYSIWYG editor to create forms, labels, and barcodes to exact specifications. No programming needed. This design tool is for users (not programmers) to rapidly design or edit formats on-the-fly. Your customers can even map all file fields with one mouse click. MarkMagic features drag and drop field placement, and other powerful, exclusive feature that let your customers design and print formats with a point and click of a mouse. All format design label & forms are automatically saved on your server of choice.

Faster and More Accurate

MarkMagic can print out barcodes 73% faster than competing software. And boasts a 99.99% accuracy rating for those barcodes. Depending on your client’s application, performance gains range from 5% to 90% in file creation when using the latest version of MarkMagic. Just think how big of a performance boost that can give your clients.


Deliver Forms Anywhere

Using the MarkMagic PDF/E-mail/Fax option for printing (or reprinting) labels and forms means your clients can deliver MarkMagic documents to any e-mail or fax recipient. The Adobe PDF files are searchable for words appearing in the text and the barcodes. And the PDF files are readable by barcode scanners. This does away with printing and shipping printed forms to remote recipients.

Save Money on Chargebacks

MarkMagic includes UCC-128 compliance label templates for J.C. Penney, K-Mart, Sears, Walmart, and other major retailers pre-loaded and ready for your customers to use and edit dynamically. MarkMagic makes it easy to comply and save money on chargebacks.


Dynamic Formatting

MarkMagic’s software option, PrintTransformer, lets your clients define “rules” to automatically determine how a print job should run and “conditions” that determine which field attributes will print conditionally. Data-driven “smart” format printing gives your clients the ability to modify field attributes and redirect in-process print jobs in real time without programming. MarkMagic even gives you the flexibility to choose printer types from over 450 options.