Wacoal's garment care labels are printed with MarkMagic barcode labeling software.

MarkMagic Helps Wacoal Label Garments with Care

Garment care labels have many regulatory requirements and must provide accurate information to consumers. MarkMagic lets Wacoal handle their labels with ease.

The Background

Wacoal America, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of ladies’ intimate apparel. This MarkMagic customer manufactures garments under the Wacoal, Donna Karan Intimates and DKNY Underwear labels. Wacoal Dominicana, the company’s manufacturing plant in the Dominican Republic, produces many of these high quality garments.

Garment care labels have many regulatory requirements and must provide accurate information to consumers. Wacoal garment labels include such information as brand name and logo, style number, sizing for the US, Europe and Japan, country of origin, care instructions in three languages and standard symbols, content information in three languages, the manufacturer’s registration number and a code for the date of production. It’s a lot of information to fit on a label small enough to attach to an undergarment.

Wacoal bra care labels are long and narrow. They are folded like a book and the spine of that book is sewn into the garment. The label is printed on a soft satin tape on both sides. All of these things made finding the right solution for printing labels at Wacoal Dominicana a challenge.

Wacoal garment care labels printing is done with MarkMagic barcode labeling software.

It’s a Job For MarkMagic

According to Cathryn Hondros, Vice President/IS of Wacoal America, Inc., “The care labels in our garments need to be accurate and to match the information in our style master. Another objective of our care label printing project was to reduce the manual entry and duplicate entry required at our plant.”

Hondros continues: “To accomplish this, we created a care label printing program on our System i and integrated it with our ERP package which is the Ron Lynn Management System (RLM). Custom programs. were written to extract the style information and the cut order information from the RLM system.”

Style information is then used by MarkMagic to produce two-sided satin labels on the Paxar Snap 500 with finishing station and cutter which is attached to the company’s System i server. The custom software program is reducing keystrokes and entry for the plant. This allows the user to print by cut order. This means all styles, colors and sizes on a cut order are printed with a single request. In a SKU intensive environment, such as Wacoal’s with style, color, cup and back size, this is a very efficient way to operate.

Concludes Hondros, “Integrating RLM, MarkMagic and the Paxar Snap 500 on our AS/400 has proven to be an accurate and efficient way to produce labels at Wacoal Dominicana.”

A MarkMagic Shop

Along with this custom care label printing application, a common component in use at Wacoal America is MarkMagic. In addition to the Ron Lynn Management ERP software, the company also uses Manhattan Associates WMS to print carton labels on Zebra and Avery Dennison thermal printers. In short, Wacoal uses MarkMagic for all their compliance labeling.


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