North American Paper's compliance label printing efforts are supported by MarkMagic.

MarkMagic Supports North American’s Compliance Label Printing

North American Paper has relied on MarkMagic for years to print UPS and FedEx carrier and retailer labels and other compliance label printing needs.

The Background

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel or motel, dined in a restaurant, or attended an event in a stadium, you’re familiar with the signature paper products from North American Corporation of Illinois. Also known as North American Paper, this MarkMagic customer is a wholesale distributor of industrial and personal service paper, industrial chemicals and janitorial supplies and custom printed paper and packaging products.

They serve the Office Buildings Management, Building Service, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Food Processing, Retail, Hospitality, Foodservice, and Services markets. Founded in 1919, more than 300 employees service existing accounts and help this $80 million private company enter new markets.

North American Paper's products North American Paper's compliance label are printed MarkMagic barcode labeling software.

The MarkMagic Touch

According to North American’s System Administrator, Shawn Smith, one such growth area is customized logistic services. Customers rely on North American for “supply chain optimization” – one of the biggest and fastest growing of the firm’s new markets. The company helps clients by printing, storing, and fulfilling ad specialty items, brochures, and other marketing communications deliverables.

Using MarkMagic, the company is now able to e-mail Purchase Orders, price lists, and other forms. The MarkMagic PDF/e-Mail/Fax Option creates the PDF files that are e-mailed directly from the company’s System i. Smith says MarkMagic is a great strategic fit for North American. “MarkMagic is a good product, as it does a lot of good things. We certainly have been able to leverage it to expand what we do with labels and forms. It has been instrumental in our business.”

Manhattan TE Enabled

Since 2004, North American has relied on the combination of Manhattan Associates TE Transportation Execution System and MarkMagic Bar Code Labels software to print UPS and FedEx carrier and retailer compliance labels on Zebra 105 SE and Zebra 140 thermal label printers. In addition to driving Zebra thermal printers, North American uses MarkMagic and IBM 6400 printers to print invoices. Once Smith started using MarkMagic for his labeling needs, he found additional uses for the package and upgraded his MarkMagic license to Enterprise Edition and added the MarkMagic PDF/e-mail/Fax Add-on Option.

For close to 100 years North American Corporation of Illinois has been distributing products of the highest quality. Tools such as MarkMagic help ensure the North American success story continues for years to come.


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