MEC uses MarkMagic barcode label printing software for product label tags and more.

MarkMagic Barcode Label Printing Software Helps MEC Keep Members Happy

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a consumers’ cooperative that sells outdoor recreation gear and clothing exclusively to its members. MarkMagic barcode label printing software helps ensure the best products are available for their members.

The Background

Mountain Equipment Co-op was conceived in 1971 within the cozy confines of a storm-battered tent. While enduring a savage mountain storm, a small group of students agreed they needed a place to buy gear not carried by conventional retailers – avalanche transceivers, ice axes, rope… the works.

Today, MEC is Canada’s largest supplier of quality outdoor equipment. With more than two million members in 192 countries, MEC is a vibrant retail co-operative, with MMstores across Canada, as well as a comprehensive web store ( ) and phone/mail order service.

Mountain Equipment Co-op , who uses MarkMagic Barcode Label Software for item marking, provides quality products and services for self-propelled wilderness-oriented recreation, such as hiking and mountaineering, at the lowest reasonable price in an informative, respectful manner. A member-owned co-operative, MEC strives for social and environmental leadership.

To meet the ever growing demands of their membership, in 1994 MEC IT Specialist Paul Goudron turned to CYBRA Corporation for an AS/400-based barcode label printing solution.

MEC's retail operations are aided by MarkMagic barcode label printing solutions.

MarkMagic Barcode Label Printing Enabled

MEC relies on the combination of MarkMagic barcode label printing software and Monarch Marking Systems thermal label and tag printers to print garment hang tags and item labels.

Integration between MEC’s JDA International Retail Management System and MarkMagic enables tags and labels to be automatically generated based on merchandise SKU.

Over the years, MEC has used MarkMagic to print plastic ID cards for their members, and Goudron is currently evaluating the MarkMagic Forms Adobe PDF Option.

“Because we are already a MarkMagic Barcode Label software customer, adding MarkMagic Forms will be an easy decision. We’ve been working with MarkMagic for more than 10 years, and we already know how to use the product,” Goudron says. “The MarkMagic PDF/Email/Fax Add-on Option will let MEC eliminate the time and expense associated with faxing purchase orders,” adds Goudron.

MEC: Socially Responsible Performance

For more than 30 years, MEC has been providing durable, high-quality products for their members in a way that respects the environment, as well as the health, safety, and dignity of the workers who make MEC products. They select factories that work to be role models of responsible business and labor practices and believe that supporting good practices at a factory level is part of a broader human rights solution. Tools such as MarkMagic help ensure the MEC member-driven vision shines bright for years to come.


Try MarkMagic for free, and see why hundreds of the biggest brands in the world have been customers of ours for years.


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