MarkMagic PI 9.5 Mod Level 181229

IBM Power Systems iOS V6R1+
For the latest version of MarkMagic we’ve added color printing capabilities, more printer type support, new design shapes and lines, and other goodies.

  • Editable PDF file fields.
  • Epson color label printing support.
  • Curves and Shapes design capabilities.
  • Plastic Bag printing support.
  • Toshiba TEC printer support.
  • PDF URL linking.

Watch Release Webinar    |     Version 9 History    |    JMagic 9.5 Mod 181229

  • Added new Rest API for management of graphics. Including uploading source images, converting target images, renumbering, deleting.
  • Aztec barcode type added to Zebra driver.
  • New data validation techniques added to Rest API endpoints. MarkMagic PI will now validate data being passed via the API.  Any incorrect data or improper formatting will be reported in the response.
  • New Pie Chart field type added.
  • Pie Chart colors, shading, print and PDF support added.
  • Updated color values in all areas of MarkMagic PI so that they more closely match print, PDF and WYSIWYG view in JMagic. Added new colors as well.
  • Added the ability to toggle PDF417 barcode header characters on Datamax print driver.
  • Pipe symbol and Euro symbol added to PDF fonts.
  • New perma-lock option for RFID Monza 6 chips added to Zebra drivers.
  • Removed extra blank row when generating files via Rest API as well as in JMagic.
  • In some cases, extra labels would be sent if using the MMPI print queue system. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed issue with right alignment not working for the HPPCL5C driver.
  • Sato graphics were using the wrong encoding scheme causing print issues. Corrected the encoding scheme.
  • Resolved issue with MMPI.log file sometimes exceeding size limits
  • Code 128 barcode subset invocation characters now work when printing Zebra labels to PDF
  • Resolved issue with PDF label quantity not working
  • Corrected issue with Print Monitor sometimes processing input files too soon which resulted in “file locked” errors
  • Corrected SM@RT code functionality for HPPCL5 barcodes

Install Guide

MarkMagic 9.5 for IBM System i Install Guide

The latest version is MarkMagic 9.5 Mod 181229 for IBM System i and Platform Independent Users. MarkMagic 6.5 & above supports IBM OS V6R1 – V7R2 (OS V7R3 and above require MarkMagic 9 or higher.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.5, 7.2 and 7.7 USERS

Users upgrading from version 4.1, 5.1, 6.1/6.5 (mod level 080620 or earlier) must upgrade to version 6.5 Mod Level 081219, then upgrade V6.5 to Version 8.6 Mod 131005 and then, finally, upgrade 8.6 to 9.0 Mod 161015. Please see MarkMagic 6 install guide and MarkMagic 8 install guide for details.

Users upgrading from version 6.1/6.5 mod level 081219, 7.2, 7.7 mod level 101216 or earlier, to version 9 must upgrade to Version 8.6 mod 131005 before upgrading to 9.0 Mod 161015.

Note: The MarkMagic 9 upgrade procedure will automatically cancel if the user attempts to upgrade from an unsupported version.  |  914-963-6600 – Option 4 |  Help Portal

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