MarkMagic Enterprise 9.5 - Mod Level 181229

IBM Power Systems iOS V6R1+
For the latest version of MarkMagic we’ve added color printing capabilities, more printer type support, new design shapes and lines, and other goodies.

  • Editable PDF file fields.
  • Epson color label printing support.
  • Curves and Shapes design capabilities.
  • Plastic Bag printing support.
  • Toshiba TEC printer support.
  • PDF URL linking.

Watch Release Webinar    |     Version 9 History    |    JMagic 9.5 Mod 181229

  • New Pie Chart field type added.
  • Pie Chart colors, shading, print and PDF support added.
  • Updated color values in all areas of MarkMagic so that they more closely match print, PDF and WYSIWYG view in JMagic. Added new colors as well.
  • Added the ability to toggle PDF417 barcode header characters on Datamax print driver.
  • Checks put in place to disallow deletion of Data fields used in URL link fields
  • WRKMMVSN tool can now see up to 99,999 user profiles
  • Aztec barcode type added to Zebra driver.
  • Zebra User Defined Fonts 90-99 will use Height and Width rather than magnification. This will allow the definition of more custom user defined TrueType fonts.
  • PrintTransformer actions can now modify Arc field sweep angle.
  • Pipe symbol and Euro symbol added to PDF fonts.
  • New perma-lock option for RFID Monza 6 chips added to Zebra drivers.
  • Resolved issues with the ‘Work With Text Block’ screen that would prevent users from copying or deleting a text block.
  • Updated print program so that it would continue searching libraries when using USRLIB(*SEARCH) and there were missing objects in a user library.
  • Removed duplicate text printing in some cases for Datamax driver.
  • Fixed rare print crash related to Text Block and large number of Data fields on a format.
  • Clean up of export files if user cancels export midway. This resolves a possible crash when attempting the export again.
  • Resolved an issue with PrintTransformer conditions not working properly if mixing formats from different user libraries within one print job.
  • Fixed a problem with PrintTransformer Ruleset processing when using the spool file burst feature. Records were being sorted incorrectly causing some pages to print out of order.
  • Line thickness on Zebra to AFPDSFX emulated print jobs now draws in the correct direction when using rotation.
  • Corrected color definition for circles and ovals on Epson ColorWorks label printer.
  • Fixed condensed style fonts for Text Block fields when printing to PDF.
  • Resolved an issue with PrintTransformer Ruleset action not seeing more than eight *LINK source fields on a text field.
  • Corrected issue when importing more than ten text blocks.
  • Field color is properly set to Black for all color fields when copying a format from HPPCL5C to a black & white PCL5 driver.
  • Resolved issue with Datamax printing graphics and 2D barcodes together on same format

Install Guide

MarkMagic 9.5 for IBM System i Install Guide

The latest version is MarkMagic 9.5 Mod 181229 for IBM System i and Platform Independent Users. MarkMagic 6.5 & above supports IBM OS V6R1 – V7R2 (OS V7R3 and above require MarkMagic 9 or higher.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 6.5, 7.2 and 7.7 USERS

Users upgrading from version 4.1, 5.1, 6.1/6.5 (mod level 080620 or earlier) must upgrade to version 6.5 Mod Level 081219, then upgrade V6.5 to Version 8.6 Mod 131005 and then, finally, upgrade 8.6 to 9.0 Mod 161015. Please see MarkMagic 6 install guide and MarkMagic 8 install guide for details.

Users upgrading from version 6.1/6.5 mod level 081219, 7.2, 7.7 mod level 101216 or earlier, to version 9 must upgrade to Version 8.6 mod 131005 before upgrading to 9.0 Mod 161015.

Note: The MarkMagic 9 upgrade procedure will automatically cancel if the user attempts to upgrade from an unsupported version.  |  914-963-6600 – Option 4 |  Help Portal

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