MarkMagic Version PI Modification Level History

A complete history of modification levels for MarkMagic PI.



Version 9.1 Mod Level 170130

• New site licensing option added. This will make adding/updating licenses easier for companies that have many instances of MarkMagic PI.
• Sato print driver control characters can now be set to Standard Protocol. Previously, only Non-Standard control characters were used.
• Added Sato (SPL) print drivers which support printing Japanese and Kanji fonts. New MMPI Printer Types are: SACL4NX2, SACL4NX3, SACL4NX6 SACL6NX2, SACL6NX3, SAPT408E, SAPW208, SALVX2 and SALVX3. They support a range of new MMPI font numbers 66-76.
• Sato print drivers has enhanced support for start/stop codes in Codabar barcode. MarkMagic now inserts the proper start/stop characters in the barcode data only if valid start/stop values were not provided in the bar code data string.
• Updated the processing order of fields on Sato print drivers to better support reverse image (white on black) printing. In some cases, fields set to print reverse image would not print correctly.
• Updated Sato print drivers to better support print positioning on stock that is not the full width of the print head. This was needed because some Sato printers would center the smaller width stock on the print head rather than left justify it.

Version 9.1 Mod Level 170616

• Outline Font 51 added to all Datamax printer drivers
• MaxiCode barcode data formatting corrected on newer Sato drivers
• Added special handling for GS1 Datamatrix barcodes on newer Sato drivers
• Added USPS and Intelligent Mail barcodes on newer Sato drivers
• Enhanced Zebra RFID commands for newer Zebra locking and access passwords
• Secure http option added MarkMagic PI standalone server
• Greatly enhanced APIs for importing and exporting MarkMagic PI objects
• Fixed small memory leak in certain MarkMagic PI procedures
• Resolved an issue that prevented MarkMagic PI from clearing some temporary print files
• Added new APIs to allow downloading H2 database and MarkMagic PI logs
• Resolved an issue where printing could fail if there were blanks in certain parts of data
• Added ability to provide custom tomcat startup parameters for MarkMagic PI standalone server
• Enhanced Zebra Datamatrix command to better support error correction quality
• Removed the 50 item limit when importing objects using MarkMagic PI web import GUI
• All MarkMagic PI drivers now reference the device table for printer control characters
• Added ability to view MarkMagic PI logs directly in the web GUI
• Reworked all MarkMagic APIs to REST and JSON with enhanced Swagger interface for easier implementation
• API added to allow printer device management
• MarkMagic PI can now automatically detect and load license files at startup
• API added to allow checking of license status and expiration date
• Resolved issue with data not being properly formatted if using the new ‘negative link position’ feature
• Added support for A1 command on newer Sato drivers to better handle centered label stock


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