No, MarkMagic is not available on Windows 98 or Microsoft BOB.

But, it is available for Linux, AIX, and modern Windows machines. If you have been looking to add MarkMagic to more machines in your office, MarkMagic PI, lets you do that! MarkMagic PI integrates seamlessly, and can work with the files and templates you’ve already made on your IBM i machine(s).

Try MarkMagic free for 30 days to see how it can make your labels/forms production even more efficient than before.


Cross Platform Integration

With MarkMagic PI, your MarkMagic files work on any platform Seamlessly use and share MarkMagic documents between platforms.


Same Great Design Interface

MarkMagic PI uses JMagic. You’ll be able to get started right away since you can use the same JMagic designer you use on your native MarkMagic system.

Manage Your Printers

Managing multiple printers has never been easier. With MarkMagic PI, you can print, monitor a folder for print data, maintain printers, and more.


Access to Your Files

MarkMagic PI allows you to have access to your MarkMagic documents as long as you have a connection to the server that MarkMagic PI is installed on.