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Everything You Want to Know About MarkMagic 9

mm_9How did we improve the easiest and fastest way to design and print bar code labels, electronic forms, ad hoc reports, and RFID tags? By listening to you, our customers, and giving you the enhanced features and updates you requested. Thanks to your input, new MarkMagic 9 has the widest array of features not available in any other software product, at any price.

MarkMagic™ 9 features new capabilities that enhance your ability to design complex bar code labels, RFID tags, forms and reports while virtually reducing your programming burden to zero. Enhanced printer control, more powerful edit codes, new utilities, and even a new rules engine for the popular PrintTransformer Add On Option add up to empower you to produce supercharged labels, RFID tags, forms and reports.

You’ll discover new ways to automate your document processing, and with critical performance enhancements and interface refinements, working with MarkMagic 9 is easier than ever before. As always, no technical skills are required to produce sophisticated documents with new MarkMagic 9.

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