isn’t the only big time retailer looking to offer same day delivery. Kohl’s department store will implement a pilot program to “bolster the company’s omnichannel focus“.

It’s an exciting step in the right direction for Kohl’s, the 2nd largest retail store by retail sales in America, behind only Macy’s. Despite the high ranking, Kohl’s US sales numbers have been flat for the past 2 years (according to NRF). Kohl’s will focus their efforts via mobile sales. Kohl’s released a brand new “digital shopper” friendly app to encourage more shoppers to buy online. And, the app offers “store mode” capabilities, which will offer special coupons to customers when they are physically in a Kohl’s store. Quite similar to Macy’s implementation of QR codes.

Also in the Kohl’s app, the Savings Wallet. This feature allows customers to scan coupons that come in the mail, so the “Kohl’s cash” is usable even if the customer forgets the coupon at home.



But, Kohl’s will crawl before they walk, as they will roll out their same day delivery service in just two markets (San Francisco & Chicago). If successful, Kohl’s will likely expand their digital efforts significantly.