The recent news of NASA’s New Horizon space probe reaching the dwarf planet of Pluto has peeked America’s interest in space once again. Getting all the way to Pluto is an astonishing feat that took 10 years traveling over 3 billion miles. The probe was launched way back in 2006.

Now, NASA’s projects are highly involved and very complicated. After all, it is rocket science. And how does NASA track each piece of equipment? How do they make sure important elements of a probe, or rocket are working even if it is unmanned? RFID technology of course!

RFID provides a big help to NASA since all of what they do in deep space is unmanned. They call it autonomous logistics management. From trash bags to zero gravity cargo bins, NASA is leveraging RFID technology in order to improve inventory and item tracking.

Even in space, it seems implementing RFID technology has endless possibilities.