Due to the high cost of retail real estate, retailers try to put as much merchandise on display as possible. Current RFID offerings designed for warehouses are not practical in a retail environment because a distribution center dock door is a much broader read zone than a customer entrance to a mall store. Warehouse RFID solutions will pick up too many false reads if placed in a store. The CYBRA Hawk EAS/RFID Portal solves that problem by providing a very focused read zone in an easy to install, easy on the eyes enclosure.

One of the key components of CYBRA’s industry leading EdgeMagic for Retail RFID Inventory Management System, the CYBRA Hawk EAS/RFID Portal is a small wall mount purpose-built unit for collecting tag data. At 39” long and 12” wide, the CYBRA Hawk is lightweight and mounts quickly and easily. Using the CYBRA-Hawk Portal, retailers can not only prevent theft and shrink with real-time, RFID-based electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology, but also track and manage inventory at the item level from the back room to the sales floor.

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