Five Facts Retail Brand Owners Should Know About RFID

Everything RFID Brings to the Table for Retail Brand Owners & Manufacturers

RFID is here to stay. And, it’s here to help your supply chain.

Five Facts Retail Brand Owners Should Know About RFIDRFID technology is taking off. In just the past few years RFID has been adopted by major retailers. Why? In order to fulfill the mult-channel retail demands of today’s consumers.

Retailers are using RFID to improve online shopping experiences, while making brick and mortar operations run more efficiently.

Brand owners and product manufacturers can benefit tremendously from RFID, as well. How? By using the RFID tags in their own supply chain.

Many brand owners and manufacturers are ready to start using RFID, but have questions. How much do RFID tags cost? How fast is the ROI? Where exactly do RFID tags get added into a supply chain? We made this ebook to help answer these questions so you can implement RFID successfully into your supply chain.

Download the free ebook (Five Facts Retail Brand Owners Should Know About RFID) today to see how RFID can help improve your brand’s supply chain and inventory management efforts.