What Our Engineers Are Working On Right Now!

Pumped up performance, enhancements and usability mark the latest modification level of CYBRA’s MarkMagic 8 Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and Electronic Forms Software.

Existing MarkMagic customers who adopt the new update can enjoy the following enhancements in MarkMagic8.1:

    You requested and we responded. Experience the power and ease of field groups – Headers, Footers, Detail groups, Calculation and Condition groups. Footers can “float” (aka “clamped footers”) – landing just below the variable number of detail lines instead of having to be fixed at the bottom of the page You can also define a number of numeric fields to belong to a calculation group and MarkMagic will perform the calculation. Fields that belong to the same condition group will have the same test and/or action performed. You will no longer have to define a test on every detail line to print, just define it at the group level!
    Field groups are generally found only in the highest end forms designer and report writer software. Groups are great for simplifying the design of complex forms (invoices, purchase orders, customer statements, bills of lading, packing slips, etc.) as well as reports.

  • While previewing a print job with live data, rule conditions can now be applied so that you can see exactly what will print on screen. This saves you lots of time and wasted paper when testing a new print job.

    Pages of a spooled file can be collected based on a designated variable field. For example: In a large invoice spooled file that prints in invoice number sequence, you can instruct MarkMagic to collect all invoices by Customer ID and email a collection of all invoices in one email. That means that a customer with 5 invoices in the spooled file gets one email with all 5 invoices attached, as opposed to 5 separate emails with one attachment each. Much more efficient, and your customers will thank you.

    You can have MarkMagic conditionally append an ending page to each print, PDF, or Fax group. For instance, this is ideal where you need a Terms and Conditions page to appear at the end of each document. If you are using preprinted forms for this purpose, you can count up the major savings in special forms paper that this new feature provides.


  • You can now mix multiple spool file formats in one label file without requiring the multiple formats to conform to a single *MASTER format. One designated field that is common to both formats can be tested by MarkMagic to determine which format to apply to each label record. There is no limit on the number of different formats you can mix. This feature extends the ease and flexibility for which MarkMagic is well known for accomplishing complex tasks with little effort on your part.

    You can now have MarkMagic optionally log all printing activity to provide you with a full audit trail of print, PDF and Fax activity.

    Prior to MarkMagic Version 8, in order to define and maintain MarkMagic Jobs your only option was to use MarkMagic “Classic” interface (aka 5250 green screen). For those who prefer the JMagic graphical interface, you can now do your Jobs maintenance in the JMagic Designer.

    In Version 8, the JMagic Designer provides some new slick usability features. Among these new features are: dynamic *LINK field creation using drag and drop (this just has to be seen to be appreciated!), toggle/show fields that are conditioned or ruled or both, alt key for a horizontal/vertical lock when moving fields on the canvas, new offset option for quick multiple detail line field spacing, and many more…

    And last, but certainly not least, CYBRA continues its legacy as the bar code experts by adding support for the latest innovation in bar coding, the QR code. They are popping up all over. A QR code (short for Quick Response) is a matrix bar code readable by bar code readers as well as smart phones. The information encoded can be text, a website URL or other data.
    qrcodeQR codes are of particular interest to marketers, giving them the ability to measure response rates with a high degree of precision. QR reader software is available for most mobile platforms and companies in all types of industries are coming up with imaginative uses for them. Media where QR codes have been deployed include: billboard ads, guerilla marketing campaigns, in-store displays, event ticketing and tracking, trade-show management, business cards, print ads, contests, direct mail campaigns, websites, email marketing and couponing. Currently supported devices are Zebra, Monarch, DataMax, and AFP(FX driver).

Do you have enhancement and new feature ideas?

Don’t be shy, we take pride in responding to your requirements. As has been the case for 20 years, CYBRA adds the features you ask for. Please forward your enhancements and feature requests to help@cybra.com.