New Safety and Security Solution Tracks People, Assets in Real Time

Anaheim, CA, October 17, 2016 – CYBRA Corporation, the developer of award-winning MarkMagic™ Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, Electronic Forms, and Report Writing Software and EdgeMagic® RFID Platform Software, announced today, Edgefinity® IoT, an all-new software solution designed to meet the complex requirements for safety and security in a range of industries. The solution was unveiled in CYBRA’s booth, #105 here at the National Safety Council Expo.

Edgefinity IoT is a next-generation safety and security product that allows for complete, real-time situational awareness at any site or location. Edgefinity IoT sends out alerts to a group of staff and/or management to ensure that safety incidents and hazards detected by the system are dealt with immediately and effectively.

Edgefinity IoT addresses the complex safety and security needs of facilities ranging from typical office buildings to Critical Infrastructure. It is a fully scalable software/hardware solution. Combining active RFID hardware and software with Real Time Location System (RTLS) and multi-sensor capabilities, Edgefinity IoT gives stakeholders the assurance of health, safety and secure monitoring of staff even in lone worker situations.

Edgefinity IoT Safety and Security RFID Software

Edgefinity IoT is an advanced solution for the safety and security of people and assets. Combining RFID hardware and software with RTLS (real time location system) capabilities, Edgefinity IoT gives users a complete view of large facilities and offices of all types. Edgefinity IoT keeps you in the know by sending out automatic alerts whenever incidents occur. No matter where you are, you can always have a live, view of your staff, assets, and facilities.

“The world has gotten a lot more complex in just the past few years”, says CYBRA CEO, Harold Brand. “As an outgrowth of the proliferation of smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT), there is a need and desire to stay connected no matter where you are. If you employ several lone workers, for example, being able to know they’re ok at all times is a huge relief. And that, ultimately, is what Edgefinity IoT provides – complete peace of mind. In addition – it ensures compliance with legal mandates for worker safety.”

Edgefinity IoT has been created by experts in the fields of RFID technology to offer users a real time look at their facilities and employees. CYBRA’s safety and security solutions architect, Ben Jakubovic, CPP, PSP has been the driving force behind Edgefinity IoT’s development. “I’ve been in the safety and security industry for years. Edgefinity IoT is the kind of product so many industries and organizations need. Water treatment plants and other utilities, airports, mining facilities, disaster recovery teams, you name it. Any industry or organization that needs to keep track of the safety of employees and security of their facilities will find Edgefinity IoT incredibly useful.”

“What’s amazing is that Edgefinity IoT can really eliminate virtually all of them. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this software product. I sincerely believe it will save lives.”

Jakubovic’s experience has been a major asset for the successful development of Edgefinity IoT. “I’ve worked as a safety & security executive at several major companies. I’m also an officer of my local CERT team.  It is this experience as a consumer of safety and security solutions that led us to design a solution for problems that were previously impossible to address. There are so many safety and security issues to which organizations are vulnerable. What’s amazing is that Edgefinity IoT can really eliminate virtually all of them. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this software product. I sincerely believe it will save lives.”

CYBRA currently offers several versions of Edgefinity IoT for specific industries and enterprises such as schools, mining, utilities, hotels, and hospitals.

About CYBRA Corporation
CYBRA Corporation is a leader in bar code and RFID technology serving customers in a wide range of industries. CYBRA develops solutions in partnership with Alien Technologies, Avery Dennison, Impinj, SATO, Zebra Technologies, and other leading printer, reader, and RFID tag manufacturers. CYBRA is represented by a network of value added resellers throughout the United States and sales and support offices overseas.

CYBRA’s EdgeMagic®, is a platform for rapidly building integrated applications that locate objects and people using RFID, RTLS and other tracking technologies. EdgeMagic provides customers with the ability to quickly implement EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliance systems, and RFID closed loop track and trace applications.

Released in 2016, Edgefinity IoT is an all-in-one solution for the safety and security of people and assets.  Built on CYBRA’s expert system technology, Edgefinity IoT baseline alerts were developed utilizing the expertise of nationally recognized, certified safety and security experts. The Edgefinity IoT sophisticated safety and security operational visibility system offers unprecedented peace of mind.

CYBRA software solutions run on major computing platforms including IBM Power Systems (System i, iSeries, AS/400, AIX) as well as Linux, Unix, and Microsoft Windows. They can also be deployed via the cloud. CYBRA Corporation is located at 28 Wells Avenue, i.park Building #3, Yonkers, NY 10701. Product information is available toll free at 1-800-CYBRA-88. To request information via e-mail, write to: .