RFID Webinar: Benefits of Adding RFID Tags to Product & Shipping Labels

[RFID WEBINAR] Benefits of Adding RFID Tags to Product & Shipping Labels

In this RFID webinar, our experts reveal the biggest benefits retailers, manufacturers, and distributors enjoy when they integrate RFID technology into their supply chain. Learn how CYBRA customers can maximize their product labeling, inventory and tracking operations by adding RFID technology.

How RFID Improves Product Labeling and Inventory Processes

(Originally recorded on 3/20/2019) In this RFID webinar, CYBRA superheroes, Ken Hunter and Chuck Roskow, present a step by step introduction to RFID tags. They’ll show you how easy it is to integrate RFID technology into your operations. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to take a regular “Clark Kent” label, and turn it into a super powerful supply chain tool.

Here are just some of the big benefits RFID brings to the table:

  • RFID reduces your Cycle Count effort by over 90% and increases accuracy to as much as 99.9%,
  • RFID tags are Unique! Eliminate packing and inventory control errors caused by either re-scanning the same barcode multiple times or neglecting to scan other barcoded items.
  • Learn about any missing items BEFORE you ship – without opening the box!
  • Use RFID’s “Geiger counter” Seek & Find capability to quickly track down your lost and misplaced items,

We’ll also give a comprehensive review of real world RFID Use Cases. CYBRA has been at the RFID software and hardware forefront for more than 10 years. We’ve installed many amazing RFID implementations and we are proud of our extensive scar tissue. Leverage our knowledge to turn your supply chain into an RFID-enabled wonder.