Personnel & Asset Tracking for Hotels

Secure your staff and guests at your hotel with one simple software solution. Also, keep track of high value assets throughout your hotel in real-time.

Find, locate, and track hotel assets and personnel in real-time.

Locate and Track Hotel Equipment, Inventory, and Personnel in Real-Time

Edgefinity IoT is a complete RFID control software solutions perfect for manufacturers, or any operation looking to get a better handle on your hotel’s safety and security initiatives.

Edgefinity IoT is the staff security industry’s most advanced RTLS (Real Time Location System) – designed to give you a whole new approach to securing your hotel staff and assets as well as enhancing operations in Housekeeping, Food Service, Meeting Services, and other departments.

Loss Prevention

Notify security before an asset exits the building. The same asset tag can be used by Meeting Services to locate projectors, laptops, carts, and other equipment.

Optimize Asset Utilization

Ensure items won’t get lost and is constantly being utilized in an optimized fashion to maximize workflow, and prevent the purchase of unnecessary new supplies.

Staff Safety

Allow staff to act in case of an emergency using 3 customized call buttons on their badges. Press one button to call security and another to report a maintenance issue.

Hotel Staff and Asset Tracking

Edgefinity IoT is a perfect application for tracking a hotel’s staff location, status, and safety. A customized system can be created for your hotel. Monitor staff movements on any device to ensure they’re both safe and productive. The system can also track items and high value assets in real time.

What Can CYBRA Solutions Do For Your Hotel’s Operations?

Track assets, inventory, and personnel in hotels.
Rapid Alerts

When an incident occurs, Edgefinity sends out texts and alerts to the people who need to know to ensure quick, effective action.

Emergency Mitigation

First responders gain excellent situational awareness, helping direct them to the precise location of the victim(s).

Track Everything

Know when someone signs in our out, if someone is somewhere they should be, or if someone has left the premise.

Effective Alert Handling

All alerts are logged, along with a full record of how they were handled for later analysis.

Monitor Hotel Staff and Equipment

Edgefinity IoT is a complete RFID control software solutions built for operations looking to get a better handle on their supply chain and inventory.

Implement an advanced RFID inventory management system without any programming. Hardware and software installation takes weeks, not months to successfully install. Edgefinity IoT is the cutting edge for real-time tracking of inventory, assets, and employees.

Track hotel assets and personnel from your phone, laptop, or tablet.

RFID Solutions for Hotel Asset Tracking and Personnel Safety

Built by the CYBRA experts, Edgefinity IoT baseline alerts were developed utilizing the latest in RFID and RTLS (Real Time Tracking Systems) capabilities. Here are some of the RFID/RTLS solutions we offer:

  • Track hotel staff in real time.
  • Prevent hotel equipment from being used by unauthorized workers.
  • Ensure high value equipment is not taken off premises.
  • Keep track of reusable equipment.
  • Check where items are stored for quick finding.

Contact CYBRA to discuss your specific software and hardware needs, and to see how Edgefinity IoT can positively impact your hotel’s operations.

RFID Solutions for Hotel Asset Tracking and Personnel Safety

Contact CYBRA to discuss your specific software and hardware needs, and to see how CYBRA’s RFID and real time tracking software can positively impact your business.

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