The latest version of MarkMagic has just been released! You can try it out today by downloading it here. But, before you do that, here are just a few of the big new highlights that explain why MarkMagic 9 is just so fine…


  1. MarkMagic 9 is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and AIX, in addition to IBM Power Systems i. You no longer need to be concerned with which OS or server you have. MarkMagic PI will run on Windows, Mac, Linux, or AIX. And, if you use IBP Power Systems i machines, no worries! MarkMagic Enterprise has been made specifically for you!

2. Label and ticket design is even easier. CYBRA has been developing and perfecting barcode labeling since 1990. And every time we upgrade MarkMagic, changes are based on what are customers want. With that attitude, MarkMagic 9 comes with features that make it easier to do things you need to do like centering a barcode onto your labels, or adding variable graphics. In fact, MarkMagic 9 will do a lot of that stuff for you! No need to manually center align fields now that MarkMagic 9 has the ability to center align even for printers that do not support it natively. Let MarkMagic 9 pad the spaces with blanks to achieve your desired output. It’s just another time saving function built into new MarkMagic 9. We’ve also added the much sought after Tag Edge and Center Aperture options in the supply set up packet for Avery Dennison Monarch printer types.

3. More edit codes to format your print jobs. We know you don’t have time to to make sure every bit of form data is justified correctly. That’s why we have made more rules to automatically adjust data like SKU numbers. Need a way to pad field data with Zeros or blanks? Just select one of four new edit codes (Left Justify/Zero Pad Right, Right Justify/Zero Pad Left, Left Justify/Blank Pad Left, and Trim Blanks). Say you want to add a barcode to your form. In some symbologies “blanks” are not supported and in others, they waste precious BC space. Without programming, you can have MarkMagic trim out the blanks. For example, a field containing ABC 12 A 56 number and barcode it as ABC12A56.

4. Use less paper by using the new FormTransformer. You cringe a little bit when you have to print out a ton of receipts or labels and half the page is blank, right? Well, we’ve fixed this problem significantly. Save some trees by combining detail line information from multiple spool pages of data to fewer MarkMagic pages. MarkMagic 9 will remove any blank rows within detail and fill the page with data from following pages of the original spool file. MarkMagic 9 will preserve any blank lines within the detail until the last row that contains data on a page. It’s another reason why Form Composer is a handy report writer and it’s included in MarkMagic 9 Enterprise Edition.

5. *LINK fields can now be defined with a Negative Link Start Position that will link the last number of characters in a field. For example, ACME Supply Company resells belts from Just Belts Manufacturing. ACME’s database contains Just Belts’ variable length SKU numbers (aka Product numbers) included on all of ACME’s Invoices. But, ACME doesn’t want its customers to know the Just Belt SKUs (to prevent a customer from shopping around). Prior to MarkMagic Version 9 it would have taken some programming to get this done. But now, without any programming, ACME uses MarkMagic 9 to show only a portion of an SKU. ACME can wrap it with its own Prefix and Suffix. Start -9 for Length of 4. SKU JSBLTDC17453BLKJB and JSBL05TOFSHLX7015WHTJB can now print as ACME7453AC and ACME7015AC respectively. It couldn’t be easier!


Try MarkMagic 9 today!