QR codes can provide a tremendous added value to your products and business documents. When they are applied correctly, QR codes can be powerful marketing tools. They can help you reward loyal customers, improve product purchasing procedures, and just flat out drive more sales. And, if you have MarkMagic, it’s really easy to add QR codes to your labels and forms!

Here are 5 ways you can add QR Codes to your business.

On the Retail Floor – Macy’s have become the masters of this. Say you are browsing around Macy’s retail floor. On the floor, you see the Macy’s star, with a QR code in the middle. “Scan this code today, and get 15% off your purchase”. By adding a QR code to an inconspicuous place, you are rewarding them for coming to your store. It entices them to purchase at your store, too, instead of leaving the store, and shopping elsewhere. And, best of all, it will lure the customer into coming back often, since they know they could find a deal at the store. If you don’t have a large store presence, then implementing QR codes into ecommerce can be just as effective. When shipping out your goods, reward the customer by adding a redeemable coupon to your receipt (see below).

On Coupons – This is a simple idea, but can be really effective.  A consistent idea with QR codes is that they can conceal information. In other words, offering a redeemable QR code can make a customer feel like they are unlocking a secret door to something that they otherwise wouldn’t find. By adding a QR code to a coupon, you can personalize the coupon, too. “Hey Marie! Thanks for purchasing this. Next time, take 20% off your next purchase of the same item!” The coupon is personal, it’s tailored to attracted the exact customer, and, best of all, you can track the code to see if the coupon converted into a sale. (*Note you will need MarkMagic software to dynamically print coupons with the right names and offers.)

On Receipts – Adding QR codes to receipts is perfect for brands working heavily in ecommerce. Let’s be honest – everybody loves getting a package. So, when your customer is in that state of “I just got a package” euphoria, that is the time to prod them for another purchase! When they open the package, most times they will first look at the receipt to make sure the item(s) are what they ordered. On the receipt, you can add a QR code that directs them to their account to your website. Once the QR code has been scanned, you can offer them that coupon we were just talking about. The coupon can correlate with the item they just bought too, so the chances are higher that they’ll make the purchase.

On Product Labels – If you’ve been trying to think of ways to improve your brand loyalty, adding QR codes to your product labels may be a great idea. If you’re in an industry where you compete with a ton of other brands, you need a way to both stand out on the retail floor, and make sure that when someone buys your product, they want to buy it again and again. Here’s where QR codes come in. Here’s an example – let’s say you own a brewery. When someone buys your beer, add a QR code to the bottles. The QR code leads to a video showing how the beer is made. They’ll remember that video next time they are trying to select their beer. Adding marketing material directly to your items will help you be more memorable and visible, especially when you are in an industry where it’s hard to stand out

On Tags – A lot of tags you make for your items are likely short on space. If your tags need to have information like washing, maintenance, contents, or other ancillary items, it may be hard to add a QR code. This is where software like MarMagic comes in. With MarkMagic, you can move items around, so you can create more space on your tags. Once you have the space, you can add details about your product. For consumers who are wary of clothing made in poorly maintained textiles factories, you can have a QR code that links to a webpage that details how and where your items are manufactured. Or, for retail tags, add a link that shows how your prices stack up to competitors. Adding QR codes to tags is a great way to get customers more interested in what they just bought, and also entices consumers that are on the fence.

Add QR Codes to Your Forms, Labels & More With MarkMagic

The easiest way to integrate QR codes and other 2D barcodes into your business documents is with MarkMagic. Within MarkMagic is hte 2D barcode Add-On. This allows you to print 2D barcodes from your laser printer.