The CYBRA RFID Cage can read and verify thousands of items per hour with greater than 99% accuracy. No matter how fast your lines move, 150 feet per minute, 350 feet per minute, even 600 feet per minute, the CYBRA RFID Cage can read and verify carton contents.

If you’re shipping and receiving large sums of packages each day, you know it’s all about throughput. The CYBRA RFID Cage is a pre-configured solution consisting of an RFID reader, antennas and sensors ready to easily mount over an inbound or outbound conveyor.

This solution enables real time auditing of every single item in every single carton received, and can validate every single item in every single outbound carton packed.


The CYBRA RFID Cage easily integrates with existing legacy ERP and WMS systems. Using the RFID Cage, EdgeMagic scans the UCC128 or LPN barcode, reads EPC tags in carton, converts EPC data to UPC, then validates UPC detail against PO detail. The CYBRA RFID Cage can operate stand alone, validating random sample cartons, or picked up and placed over powered conveyor, to validate every carton.

The CYBRA RFID Cage is a rare product that validates cartons faster, and more accurately than anything on the market right now. With endless benefits and amazing features, the Cage is still incredibly easy to set up and maintain.

Once assembled on site, cage can be lifted over existing conveyor during a break – installs with minimal disruption of material handling operations

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