Turn an EPC Mandate into Great ROI

To help you understand the intricacies of EPC mandates, RFID implementation, and, most importantly, how to benefit from a mandate, we decided to discuss EPC mandates in detail. Led by two of the most knowledgeable minds in the entire Auto-ID industry,  Sheldon Reich and Mike Shabet, this webinar will give you tremendous insight into EPC mandates, and how to benefit from them. We’ll show you how to start a pilot project, and take it to production.

In this educational webinar, learn how to turn the cost of an EPC (Electronic Product Code) retail compliance mandate into a supply chain enhancement that will boost your bottom line.

In This Webinar…

(Originally recorded on 2/24/2016) You will learn how to put RFID to work for your brand by turning an EPC retail compliance mandate into cost saving efficiencies in your supply chain.

Are you currently mandated by retail partners to apply RFID tags to your inventory? If you’re going to the expense of tagging merchandise, why not use the technology internally, and turn the investment into a profit?

By putting RFID to work for your brand, you can reduce the costs of receiving, packing, and shipping goods. Also minimize chargebacks with improved order and shipment validation.

And, once your warehouse is filled with tagged items you can cycle count in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Once the infrastructure is in place, RFID helps brand owners track pre-production samples, job tickets, and raw material bundles. Even showroom sales processes can be quickly and easily enhanced using RFID.

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