MarkMagic Web Portal

A Document Portal Solution for the IBM System i

Enhance Customer Service at Lower Cost

MarkMagic Web Portal creates a web based portal that allows your customers to securely sign on (using a userid and password) and search for and display, print or e-mail their invoices, statements, purchase orders, or other MarkMagic Forms. MarkMagic Web Portal lets your customers download the forms they need, when they need them. What could be easier?

MarkMagic Web Portal Benefits

Self Service

MarkMagic Web Portal allows your customers to interactively select record(s) for printing from an easy to share interface.


Real Time Information

Your customers are “served” a dynamically created PDF file over the Internet/Intranet/Extranet which can be printed on any local printer from anywhere in the world.

Data Source Flexibility

You can use file data from any system and any database including DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, and MYSQL.

Enterprise Security

Customers can only access authorized data. For example, when your customer signs on to the MarkMagic Web portal, they will ONLY see their data not data from another customer.

i Friendly

MarkMagic Web Portal supports remote spool files, so your customers can move the spool files to any i5/OS OUTQ for printing on their System i server.


Web Portal Sizzle

Add dashboards, charts and other application enhancements as your web presence evolves.

Let Your Customers Do the Printing

Why spend time reprinting, faxing, and e-mailing forms one at a time? MarkMagic Web Portal lets you offer a 24/7 Customer Service Web Portal. When your customers can search for (and print) invoices, purchase orders, statements, and other MarkMagic Forms by themselves, your customer service representatives can spend their time on more productive, revenue positive activities. You can save money and offer an added customer service benefit with MarkMagic Web Portal. How can you beat that?