Item Level EPC

Have you been approached by Walmart, Dillard’s, JC Penney or another retailer to participate in item-level RFID tagging? EdgeMagic is the solution you need.

EdgeMagic’s RFID EPC System

Do you need a solution that encodes EPC (Electronic Product Code) compliant RFID item tickets and validates orders by carton? EdgeMagic® EPC is a breakthrough RFID Electronic Product Code compliance system that is a complete solution for the challenge of EPC item-level compliance. EdgeMagic EPC is a complete solution for managing GS1 EPCglobal EPC (Electronic Product Code) retail compliance marking and tagging mandates. EdgeMagic EPC works with fixed RFID readers from Alien Technology, Impinj, Intermec, and Motorola.

EPC Features

Device Compatibility

EdgeMagic EPC works with mobile RFID Readers from Alien, Motorola, and Psion Teklogix.

Professional Interface

EdgeMagic includes a business logic interface to filter what information the ERP and WMS applications need from the raw stream of RFID reads.


EdgeMagic EPC is scalable. Start with one printer and one reader. Add additional hardware as your needs grow. RFID on demand.

Full Control

EdgeMagic EPC controls light stacks, alarms, and material handling equipment.

Multiple Platforms

Developed in Java, EdgeMagic EPC runs on application servers such as IBM WebSphere or Apache Tomcat, and runs on IBM Power Systems (i/OS, AIX), Linux, Unix and Microsoft Windows server platforms.

Any Device

As a web-based application, EdgeMagic EPC can be accessed from anywhere even on an iPhone or iPad.

EdgeMagic EPC Option

EdgeMagic EPC lets you implement an advanced, agile EPC compliance system without costly custom programming. This is the same philosophy CYBRA has built into award-winning MarkMagic.

A complete EdgeMagic EPC software and hardware installation takes days, not months to implement. EdgeMagic EPC is a perfect fit for apparel and consumer goods manufacturers of all sizes.

» Optional EdgeMagic EPC Dashboards make it easy to visualize RFID tag data in context with your order, production, and sales data. You can analyze performance, spot trends, and act on the improved business intelligence.

» Optional EdgeMagic EPC Geiger Counter runs on a mobile RFID reader to lead the operator to the exact item stored anywhere in inventory.

» Optional EdgeMagic EPC Google Maps integration lets you see your RFID data (combined with order or sales data) as points on Google Maps and Google Earth.