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MarkMagic Enterprise Edition Helps Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union Provide Member Benefits

Albany Medical Center

How does a union local reach 5,000 members on a regular basis without twisting their data processing department into a pretzel? By using more than a few of the features of MarkMagic for iSeries. Eleanor Santos, who runs the Bricklayer's Fringe Benefit Fund, an organization that administers pensions, annuities, health insurance, and other fringe benefits for the construction workers union, uses CYBRA Corporation's MarkMagic for a multitude of projects such as generating more than 5,000 form letters with plastic health-plan membership cards glued to each letter.



First, Medication Administration

According to Santos, MarkMagic's support for a wide range of bar code types, multiple data sources, and more than 300 output printer types, make it "a versatile answer for projects that would have required a whole shelf full of different iSeries packages. Here's how Bricklayer's Fringe Benefit Fund relies on MaMMrkMagic Enterprise Edition to help them process all work history data, pension data and annuity data for the Union Local's members. The Fund uses MarkMagic Enterprise Edition for a wide range of documents including.

  • plastic medical plan ID cards
  • registration tickets
  • bar coded file jacket labels
  • MICR benefit checks
  • laser printed statements


To meet these complex output requirements, the Fund's developers turned to CYBRA Corporation for an AS/400-based plastic ID card, bar code label and forms printing solution to replace the outdated OfficeVision/400 application that had been the backbone document processing application for years.

Form Letters with Substitution Data

Instead of using an error prone, high-maintenance patchwork of PC applications like MS Word merging with DB2/400 database, the Fund's developers used the MarkMagic SM@RT Message feature to set up easily changeable OS/400 message files containing the text of their form letters that were easily linked with variable data in the Fund's OS/400 database files.

The MarkMagic SM@RT Message feature lets the Fund define forms with legal terms or financial instructions using *HEADING fields that are up to 132 characters long.

MarkMagic Enabled

The Fund relies on the combination of MarkMagic and Zebra Plastic Card printers to print the medical plan ID cards, and Zebra thermal and HP laser printers to produce the other documents.

Integration between the Fund's Financial Management System and MarkMagic enables cards and forms to be automatically generated based on member book number or social security number.

Santos concludes, "only MarkMagic combines support for all the different printer types we need -- plastic card, thermal, and laser. MarkMagic can do what no other iSeries software can do.

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