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(Originally recorded on 6/15/2016) If you use Manhattan WMi or WMOS (2012 & Above) software, YOU ARE ALREADY USING MARKMAGIC TO PRINT YOUR LABELS & FORMS. But, chances are, you’re not getting the most out of the software license you already have. In this interactive webinar, we’ll show you how to use MarkMagic to solve all your forms development challenges.

MarkMagic is the Barcode Label, RFID Tag, Forms, and Report Writing Software that’s integrated into Manhattan Associates WMi and WMOS software products. MarkMagic is built into Manhattan’s software, and is already installed on your server. The compliance labels and forms you are currently printing are powered by CYBRA’s MarkMagic.

But you can do so much more! Our MarkMagic support team will show how to get the most out of the MarkMagic license you already have!

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