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EdgeMagic® HTS- Hotel Staff and Asset Tracking System


hotel-tracking Secure your staff with one simple solution

Face it. The last place you want your facility to be found is on the front pages of the newspapers. Your guests want peace and quiet. And your staff deserves to work in a secure environment. With terror and staff safety concerns on the rise, you need new and inexpensive ways to create a truly safe environment. Imagine an enhanced ID badge that gives you the capability to give your hotel staff complete peace of mind knowing that any danger they face, with a press of a button on their tag, help is only seconds away. And, if staff safety (and the threat of lawsuits) were not reason enough to keep you awake at night, a rise in hotel room theft also demands better ways to prevent the loss of assets. CYBRA's EdgeMagic Hotel Staff and Asset Tracking System is an easy to install complete messaging and tracking solution. Featuring CENTRAK patented new generation infrared (Gen21R) technology, EdgeMagic HTS is the staff security industry's most advanced RTLS (Real Time Location System) - designed to give you a whole new approach to securing your hotel staff and assets as well as enhancing operations in Housekeeping, Food Service, Meeting Services, and other departents.

Isn't it time you had a good night's sleep? Call 800-CYBRA-88 and learn how to secure your property with EdgeMagic HTS.

EdgeMagicTM HTS

Hotel Staff and Asset Tracking System

  • Provide safety for Staff - EdgeMagic HTS allows staff members to act in case of an emergency using 3 customizable call buttons on their staff badges. Press one button to call security and another to report a mainte¬nance issue. Housekeeping can use the third button to signal that a room is turned.
  • Prevent theft - EdgeMagic HTS will notify security before an asset exits the building. The same asset tag can be used by Meeting Services to locate projectors, laptops, carts, and other equipment.
  • Improved guest experience - EdgeMagic HTS temperature tags can monitor refrigerators and freezers notifying Catering and Food Service Managers the moment temperatures rise or fall outside optimum ranges.
  • Staff tracking - EdgeMagic HTS enables you to track staff ensur¬ing optimized work flow.
  • Rapid ROI - EdgeMagic HTS offers rapid Return On Investment thanks to its ease of installation, no hardwired infrastructure requirements, and scalability both in coverage and functions.
  • Optimized Asset Utilization - EdgeMagic HTS ensures that expensive equipment won't get lost and is constantly being utilized in an optimized fashion to maximize workflow, and prevent the purchase of unnecessary new equipment.
  • Minimize risks and exposure to lawsuits
  • Lower liability insurance burden
  • Provide staff members (and their families) with peace of mind
  • Enhance competitive advantage
EdgeMagic FeaturesEdge Magic
  • A multi-platform web-based solution for developing RFID and RTLS applications, EdgeMagic software is a robust software environment for HTS.
  • Developed in Java, EdgeMagic runs on application servers such as IBM WebSphere or Apache Tomcat, and runs on IBM System i, AIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows server platforms.
  • EdgeMagic wizards walk the operator through the process of mapping locations and defining the perimeter, creating staff profiles, setting warning levels and alerts, configuring button and LED definitions, and defining system actions and reports.
  • EdgeMagic is scalable. Start small and grow. Start with staff. Add A/V equipment or food service. It's like RTLS on demand.
  • As a web-based application EdgeMagic HTS can be accessed from anywhere even on an iPhone or iPad. If you can access the network in your hotel, you can access EdgeMagic HTS at any time of day or night. You can sleep at night knowing EdgeMagic HTS is watching your staff making sure they are safe.
CENTRAK Features

All CENTRAK hardware features patented two-way communication technology for 100% room level accuracy


  • 3 Customizable button, system controlled LED
  • Battery-operated - no wiring necessary
  • Ultra thin (only 3 mm thin) and light weight
  • Water resistant and easy to wipe down


  • Battery-operated - no wiring necessary
  • Customizable buttons, system controlled LED
  • Small, light weight and low cost
  • Tamper detection/removal sensor

CENTRAK Temperature Tag

  • Battery-operated - no wiring necessary
  • Reliable and accurate wireless temperature sensing
  • On board smarts to detect temperature variations
  • Preset automatic periodic wireless temperature reporting
  • DualTrakTM Technology can sense if a door is open or closed
  • 3 Customizable buttons, system controlled LED Tamper detection/removal sensor

CENTRAK Room Monitor

  • Battery-operated for plug-and-play installation - no wiring necessary
  • Monitor batteries last 5 to 10+ years
  • Ceiling tile mounting brackets - takes minutes to install
  • Can sense a Tag signal under a bed or multiple layers of blankets


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