For the Warehouse, Retail Floor, and in Transit

Lock & EnCode RFID Seals

CYBRA’s Lock & EnCode RFID seals are a tamper evident, single use RFID tagging solution. The cost-effective line of seals is designed for a range of demanding applications that require enhanced security including securing plastic distribution totes and high value items such as fine rugs.

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Lock & EnCode RFID SmartSeals

CYBRA’s Lock & EnCode™ SmartSeals are BAP (Battery Assisted Passive) RFID Cable Seals and an all-new physical and electronic tamper evident RFID tagging solution.

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EdgeBox Controller

The EdgeMagic EdgeBox Controller is a purpose-engineered, high performance, dust-resistant, zero maintenance server. Featuring zero noise, low heat, and minimal energy usage, the EdgeMagic EdgeBox Controller is a solid state solution with no moving parts that is designed for maximum uptime.

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Hawk Antenna

The Hawk Antenna is a perfect loss prevention solution for retail operations. Easy to set up, easy to maintain, and easy on the eyes. Improve your loss prevention strategies, while giving your shoppers a more elegant retail experience.

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The CYBRA RFID Cage can read and verify thousands of items per hour with greater than 99% accuracy. No matter how fast your lines move, 150 feet per minute, 350 feet per minute, even 600 feet per minute, the CYBRA RFID Cage can read and verify carton contents.

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