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If you are an Auto-IDSolution Provider, Value Added Reseller, or a consultant, here is all you need to know to uncover the treasure in CYBRA Barcode and RFID software.

It’s Easy To Uncover Treasure in the System i Market

Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Technical Support: CYBRA provides all pre- and post-sale technical support for EdgeMagic and MarkMagic prospects and customers. Questions relative to Edgemagic and MarkMagic functionality, connectivity, and system integration are examples of the types of questions we will answer for you.

Order Processing: CYBRA administers and is responsible for all aspects of EdgeMagic and MarkMagic order processing. Call 1-800-292-7288 to notify CYBRA of your customer’s interest in our software. We will contact the customer to arrange for a 30-day evaluation of the system. You supply the hardware and CYBRA will supply the software.

CYBRA has aggressive but fair pricing, outstanding technical support and software products and a support organization that continues to outdistance the competition. The CYBRA Reseller Program is truly a win-win relationship. You win new business opportunities, growth, and credibility when you use our software to sell into Fortune 1000 customers. We win when we work hand in hand with professional Solution Providers like you who help our business grow. Please contact us today so you can start selling CYBRA RFID and Barcode software — your customer’s best option for Auto-ID success.

The Opportunity: Partner With Experts

Did you know the RFID market is growing better than 20% annually? If you are looking for a way to sell RFID and barcode hardware and supplies to the Fortune 1000 customer base, look to CYBRA Corporation. Let us show you how our software can help you sell into the customers you want. Our solution is a great fit for customers who want their servers to directly control RFID and barcode activities. And CYBRA software is a proven way to help you sell — since 1990 we have helped resellers close millions of dollars of hardware and supply business.

The Program: a Win-Win Relationship

The MarkMagic and EdgeMagic Reseller Programs are designed to do one thing – help you sell. For example, you can offer your customers a one stop solution that features hardware, software, service and supplies in an easy to finance bundle. You provide the RFID and barcode hardware – we’ll make them perform. Any of our literature can be customized with your contact information. In addition, we give you tools to help you go to market. If you need hard copies of any of the literature just call 1-800-292-7288. In addition, you’ll find PDF versions of all CYBRA literature right here on our web site.

The Next Step: Sign Up With Us

Take the time now to find out why EdgeMagic and MarkMagic are your customers’ best options for RFID and barcode systems. Let us show you how EdgeMagic and MarkMagic can help you bring the benefits of your hardware to your customers. Spend a few minutes and learn more about our company, our products and services, and how they can help you uncover treasure in the Auto-ID market.

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