MarkMagic 2D Bar Code for Laser Printers Add-On Option

The MarkMagic 2D option makes it easy to print PDF416, UPS Maxicode, and DataMatrix 2D barcodes on Hewlett-Packard PCL5 and IBM AFP/IPDS laser printers.

The newest bar code types known as 2D, or two dimensional, are capable of storing far more information than previous bar code types. Because 2D bar code symbologies are “portable data files,” able to encode entire packing lists or shipping label addresses, these bar code types are now specified by a number of carriers for their labels.


You no longer need a thermal bar code label printer to print 2D bar code labels. Using the MarkMagic 2D Option a standard laser printer can become a full-featured bar code label printer. In addition, certain industries, particularly those that ship directly to the consumer, require that the shipping document contains both a pick ticket and a FedEx Ground or UPS carrier label with a 2D bar code.

  • Create UPS MaxiCode 2D bar code symbols
  • Create PDF-417 2D bar code symbols
  • Create DataMatrix 2D bar code symbols
  • Compatible with MarkMagic Print Monitor Add-On Option
  • Compatible with MarkMagic FormWeaver Add-On Option
  • Compatible with MarkMagic PDF / Email / Fax Add-On Option


MarkMagic Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and Electronic Forms Software was designed from the beginning to adapt to new bar code symbologies and printer technologies, and 2D laser bar code printing is no exception. Using the MarkMagic 2D Option for printing forms means you can concentrate on designing forms that fit your business requirements.

Recommended Applications

  • FedEx Ground Carrier Labels
  • UPS Carrier Labels
  • Catalog merchant shipping documents
  • e-commerce site shipping documents
  • OSHA documentation
  • Insurance company forms
  • Pharmacy forms


  • MarkMagic 5.1 or later
  • OS/400 V5R2 or later
  • HP PCL5e (or later) printer, or IBM AFP/IPDS printer


By adding the 2D barcode add-on, you will be able to harness the power of 2D barcodes. Add more data onto your forms and labels without sacrificing space. Best of all, barcodes are durable, and perfect for shipping.


Try this add-on to see how you can easily add 2D barcodes to your forms and labels.

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